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Company Overview




  All modern equipment Rectifiers and bake ovens are certified to meet all military specifications.    Baking  Facility available for relieving hydrogen embrittlement. Full compliance with EPA, State, & Local requirements.  Electro Plating Specialties, Inc. has been doing business in the Greater Bay area for more than three Decades.  Since its establishment, its goal has been to provide our customers excellent quality and a fast turnaround time, which is essential in the Metal Finishing Industry.  Our strict Quality Control is designed to meet our own exacting requirements as well as those of our customers.  


            Processes include:


           Chemical Films

Electroless Nickel

Hard Anodize



Sulfuric Anodize




We are very pleased to serve

our valued customers with..... 


~> ......... FAST TURNAROUND !!


Electro Plating Specialties, Inc. has successfully and proudly been doing business from the Greater Bay Area for more than 3 decades.' tickercontents[1]='Since its establishment, the goal of Electro Plating Specialties, Inc. has been to provide our customers with excellent quality, prompt service, and a sincere desire to understand and meet, or surpass, their needs.' tickercontents[2]='We believe it is essential in the Metal Finishing Industry to strive for perfection; our customers need and deserve no less an effort.' //specify how many characters of a message (for each msg) to show in expanded menu: var charslimit=30 //Below specifies the "expand text". Do not remove onClick=".." portion. var expandtext='' //configure below variables to set dimensions and main color of the ticker var tickerwidth='600px' var tickerheight='60px' //not including "Expand" text var tickerbgcolor='#e9e9e9' //configure the below variable to determine the delay between ticking of messages (in miliseconds) var tickdelay=6500 ////Do not edit pass this line//////////////// var ie4=document.all ||!=-1 //lump Opera 7 with IE var ns6=document.getElementById && !document.all && !window.opera var ns4=document.layers function ietruebody(){ return (document.compatMode && document.compatMode!="BackCompat")? document.documentElement : document.body } if (ns4){ expandtext=expandtext.replace(/dropdownit\(event\); *return false/gi, "return dropdownitNS4(event,this)") tickerheightNS4=parseInt(tickerheight)+19 tickerlistheightNS4=tickerheight } var currentmessage=0 var tickercontentstotal='' if (ie4||ns6) //OUTPUT DROP DOWN MENU document.write('') function rotatecontent(){ if (ns4){ //OUTPUT HTML for ticker area for NS4 tickerobj.document.tickernssub.document.write(tickercontents[currentmessage]+'') tickerobj.document.tickernssub.document.close() } else if (ie4||ns6){ tickerobj.innerHTML=tickercontents[currentmessage] previousmessage=(currentmessage==0)? tickercontents.length-1 : currentmessage-1 tickerexpand_item=ns6? document.getElementById("expand"+currentmessage) : eval("expand"+currentmessage) tickerexpand_previousitem=ns6? document.getElementById("expand"+previousmessage) : eval("expand"+previousmessage) tickerexpand_previousitem.className="" tickerexpand_item.className="expandmenu_highlight" } currentmessage=(currentmessage==tickercontents.length-1)? 0 : currentmessage+1 rotatemsgtimer=setTimeout("rotatecontent()",tickdelay) } function dropdownit(e){ if (ns6) e.stopPropagation() else e.cancelBubble=true"hidden"? "visible" : "hidden" expandbuttonLeft=ns6? e.pageX-e.layerX : ietruebody().scrollLeft+event.clientX-event.offsetX expandbuttonTop=ns6? e.pageY-e.layerY : ietruebody().scrollTop+event.clientY-event.offsetY"px""px" } function dropdownitNS4(e, currentobj){ tickerexpandobj.left=tickerobj.pageX tickerexpandobj.visibility=(tickerexpandobj.visibility=="hide")? "show" : "hide" return false } function jumptomsg(whichmsg){ clearTimeout(rotatemsgtimer) if (ie4||ns6) tickerexpand_item.className="" currentmessage=whichmsg rotatecontent() } function initialize_ticker(){ if (ns4) document.tickernsmain.visibility="show" tickerobj=ie4? tickerlist : ns6? document.getElementById("tickerlist") : ns4? document.tickernsmain : "" tickerexpandobj=ie4? tickerexpand : ns6? document.getElementById("tickerexpand") : ns4? document.expandlayer : "" expandbuttonobj=ie4? expandbutton : ns6? document.getElementById("expandbutton") : "" for (i=0;i]+\>/g, ''); //remove HTML tags tickercontentstotal+='' } if (ie4||ns6){ tickerexpandobj.innerHTML=tickercontentstotal expandbuttonobj.innerHTML=expandtext document.onclick=function(){"hidden" } } else if (ns4){ tickerexpandobj.document.write(tickercontentstotal) tickerexpandobj.document.close() tickerexpandobj.clip.width=parseInt(tickerwidth)*0.9 tickerobj.document.expandbuttonNS4.document.write(expandtext) tickerobj.document.expandbuttonNS4.document.close() tickerexpandobj.captureEvents(Event.CLICK) tickerexpandobj.onclick=function(){ tickerexpandobj.visibility="hide" } } rotatecontent() } if (ie4||ns6) //OUT HTML FOR TICKER AREA for IE/NS6 document.write('
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Our most popular 

Metal Finishing requests:

  • Alodine

  • Anodizing

  • Hard Anodizing

  • Bead Blasting

  • Cadmium

  • Copper

  • Iron Phosphate

  • Electroless Nickel

  • Nickel

  • Bright Nickel

  • High Phosphorous E. N.

  • Parts Cleaning

  • Passivation

  • Painting

  • Powder Coating

  • Electropolishing

  • Rust Removal

  • Stripping

  • Tin

  • Bright Tin

  • Zinc

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2436 American Ave.

Hayward, CA  94545  USA

Telephone (Main):  (510) 786-1881

FAX (Main):  (510) 786-1060

Email (Main):

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 Electro Plating Specialties, Inc.

Key Personnel


President - Mary L Hall

General Manager - Robert Hall

Production Manager  - Richard Martinez



"Alodine To Zinc"

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